The President says that the fundamental policy of the government is to eliminate poverty

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President Gotabhaya Rajapakse says that the fundamental policy of the government is to eliminate poverty. While attending the 17th Gama Samanga Pilisandara program today, the president said that the government will always give prominence to rural people. The program is now taking place at Vauniya Wedi-waithakal Bogas-wewa school premises. Speaking on the occasion the president said many people do not have an understanding about the problems of the poor people. The president pointed out that when he was preparing to give the land ownership to the people living in their traditional lands, fake news is spread stating he is destroying forests. The president said that officials in the wild life, forest conservation, agriculture and environment sectors are working for the public. Therefore, the president said, all of them should pay their attention to the problems faced by the people. President Rajapakse said that certain organized groups are spreading false propaganda against him and the government. The president said that the government has launched a program to develop 100,000 roads. 5000 tanks are being renovated. Attention has been paid on renovating small and medium scale irrigation schemes. Steps will be taken to recruit those who have passed programs such as higher diploma courses to meet the shortage of teachers in remote areas. The president said that the education ministry has taken a policy decision in this regard. The present emphasised that he would continue to rule the country based on the aspirations of the people who elected him while protecting them

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