Media minister says the present government has given the rights and freedom to all citizens in the country

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Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella says that the government has given the right and the freedom to all citizens in the country. He said the important of having open dialogue will help the success of any task. Participating at the cabinet media briefing held today. He said any institution can be maintained correctly through conducting dialogues. The media briefing was held at the information department. Answering to a question , raised by media-man he said, it is proved that the government has given full media freedom. The government has taken a clear decision on conducting the provincial council election. Accordingly measures will be taken to hold the election soon.

Conducting of ceremonies should be limited with the face of Covid Pandemic. The police and the health officials have given advice in this regard. The government has paid its special attention on carcinogens Coconut oil .

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