The President has been invited to be the chief guest at the International Food Policy Research Institute Conference in Bangkok.

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President Maithripala Sirisena held a discussion with a leading institute in Washington about health and food habits of Sri Lankan people. They discussed the possibility of formulating a policy to ensure healthy food intake to minimize malnutrition. This was discussed when Director General of International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Shenggen Fan called on the President in New York yesterday.

Sri Lanka is reported to have 17 percent diabetic patients, 48 percent women with obesity and 20 percent malnutrition.,The President asked the IFPRI Chief to advice Sri Lankan experts on solving these issues and formulating a Health Food Policy. Mr Shenggen Fan said his Institute, together with Sri Lankan authorities would prepare a draft for a Memorandum of Understanding for a programme to assist Sri Lanka on these issues.

He said IFPRI would be happy to suggest programmes to solve issues related to the damage caused to food crops by the animals. .
He praised President Sirisena’s commitment to eradicate malnutrition among people, especially among children.
Mr Shenggen invited President Sirisena to visit IFPRI and also attend the IFPRI Conference in Bangkok in November as the Chief Guest.

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