The President says import of chemical fertilizers will be banned.

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The President’s Media Division yesterday informed that the import of chemical fertilizers will be completely banned in the near future. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has stated that it is more important to conserve human and animal life than to yield a better harvest using chemical fertilizers. He had stated this during a meeting held yesterday at the President’s House. He also urged authorities to develop the process of carbon-based fertilizer manufacturing locally.

There is more of a need to develop a healthy population than a harvest. Therefore, the import of chemical fertilizers will be stopped as soon as possible.

President further said that the usage of chemical fertilizers leads to a better harvest. However, the negative effect it has on human lives through pollution of lakes, canals and groundwater due to the chemical fertilizers outweigh the profit.

The expenses to treat these patients and the impact on human lives caused by these chemical fertilizers remain high, noted President Rajapaksa while stating that in order to produce a healthy and productive citizenry, the government must ensure the right of the people to access a non-toxic and balanced diet.

President Rajapaksa said that measures will be taken to ensure that only organic fertilizer would be used in the agriculture sector in the country in the future.

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