The Prime Minister requests not to look at narrow political corners on the benefit received for the country’s future.

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The Parliament has commenced the debate on the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill. Opening the debate Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the port city project will be a turning point of the country. He also stated that the necessary legal framework should be prepared to provide required facilities for the investors in order to pay the proper advantage from this project. The prime minister stated this the government has the responsibility in this regard. It is expected to obtain 15 billion US dollar in next month during the next five year’s time. 200 thousand job opportunities will be created during the first five years from the project. 83 thousand direct and indirect job opportunities will also be revived. Facilities should be provided to attract the investors as there is a competition among the world countries to bring the investors to their countries. It is important to develop infrastructure facilities in order to obtain the confidence of investors on the country. The prime minister also reiterated that several fields including the airport, highways, city beautification, health and sports should be developed. The amendments given by the supreme court regarding the draft bill will be added at the 2nd reading. The public views will also be accepted. The views of all parties will also be obtained. 75 percent of the jobs of this Port City will be owned by the Sri Lankans.

He requested all parties and opposition to provide their support for this bill without looking at the narrow political corner which gives more benefits for the future of the country.

State minister Sarath Weerasekera said tin parliament today that cases have been filed against 30 persons on Easter Sunday attack. 9 cases have been filed. Therefore, no need to be on dubious on investigations regarding this attack.

Speaking at the debate opposition leader Sajith Premadasa said that honor will be paid for the war heroes who acted on behalf of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The peace that won should be strengthened. The facilities and payments should be given for the war heroes families.

Parliamentarian Sarath Fonseka said that he is happy to provide the leadership of the Army to defeat the terrorism from the country. He said he will pay his homage to the war heroes and their family members. The war heroes dedicated their lives on behalf of the country and the peace of the public.

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