The President requests the parents not to pressurize the children based on the results of Year 5 Scholarship examination

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President Maithripala Sirisena has pointed out that the children are facing stress due to the belief of parents that only way of step into the future is to pass the Year 5 Scholarship examination. He advised all principals to prepare a programme to educate the parents one week ahead of of issuing the results of Year 5 Scholarship exam in each year how to motivate the children irrespective of passing the exam or not. He made these remarks while participating at the Annual prize giving ceremony of the model village in Kandy last morning. He recalled several harmful incidents faced by the children during the past period in the face of the results.

He emphasized that all educational authorities should pay attention on this regard. He appreciated the teacher service in connection with the National Teachers Day which falls yesterday. He also commended the services rendered by the teachers to create honourable citizens to the society through the free education. The government will take measures to provide teacher trade union rights and privileges for them

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