Minister Keheliya Rambukwella says Media moguls must respect country’s laws

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Co-Cabinet Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella stated yesterday that media moguls cannot be allowed to step out of the county’s legal framework and abuse media freedom.

Minister Rambukwella added that he will not hesitate to take legal action against such persons under the existing legal framework as the Media Minister.The Minister stressed that no one can expect irresponsible freedom of the wild ass for the media.“There should be no confusion between freedom and law and order and therefore everything must function within the legal framework,” he asserted.
Minister Rambukwella also stated that the Government had not taken decision to suspend the broadcasting license of any private media institution. “Suspending licenses of media institutions is a false story. Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa has spoken regarding this in Parliament while I was unavailable; I was not given prior notice in this regard. And also, it is said that I brought in lawyers secretly – I did not bring lawyers secretly, but I met them in the open. If a certain media institution is acting surpassing the legal boundaries, we will take action within the available legal framework,” he said.
“If any TV or radio channel or newspaper deviates from the legal framework, the Government has a responsibility to uphold the rule of law. Media freedom must be subject to the basic framework of the country. There will be no hesitation for taking appropriate action within the legal framework. As the Media Minister, I am responsible for investigating any wrongdoing within the legal framework,” he added.

Earlier, Opposition Leader Premadasa alleged in Parliament said that the Government was making moves to revoke the broadcasting license of a certain private media institution which had apparently telecast news items unfavourable to the Government and its leaders.

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