The Bill for the implementation of the Office for Reparations passed in the parliament yesterday

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The Bill for the implementation of the Office for Reparations was taken up for debate in Parliament yesterday. It was passed with a majority of 16 votes. 59 voted for the Act while 43 voted against it. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe presented the bill in parliament.

Participating in the debate minister Lakshman Kiriella said that compensation was paid in 1995 to those who died due to incidents in 88/89 period. He said that, 50,000 rupees was given to each person in Kandy.

Minister Rauf Hakeem said that, there should be a method to obtain compensation for damaged properties and ownership as well as for missing persons. Participating in the debate opposition leader R.Sampanthan said, it was a very important bill. He pointed out the need to make the office fully independent.

MP Rohini kumara Wijerathne said that the Act was an attempt to correct a fault.

MP Bimal Ratnayake said the Act was a fundamental need.

MP Douglas Devananda pointed out laws should be equaled to all communities to build up national reconciliation.

MP Mujibar Rahuman said that a new mechanism is needed to create reconciliation between the communities.

MP M.A.Sumanthiran said that, the introduction of the Act was a good deed, but it should not be politicized.

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