Unruly students and parents ordered to evacuate the premises of the South Eastern University, immediately

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The Akkareipaththu Magistrate’s Court has ordered the unruly students and parents who had taken the Administrative Bloc of the South Eastern University hostage, to evacuate the university premises, immediately. Steps have been taken, with assistance from the Police, to enforce the law against a group of around twenty individuals who were behaving in an unruly manner.

All administrative functions of the South Eastern University have come to a standstill. Administrative Officers including the Vice Chancellor are carrying out their functions from an alternative location. However, academic activities of all faculties of the university are proceeding smoothly.

Issuing a release on the present crisis situation at the South Eastern University, the University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Higher Education states; a group of students behaving in a manner contravening university regulations, and involving in harassment victimization and ragging, were penalized according to the severity of their offences.
They were given the opportunity to make appeals.
However, these students have resorted to various tactics, demanding that they be taken back to the university, without conditions.

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