Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa says a General Election will be conducted soon

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Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa says that the aim is to hold a general election as soon as possible. He said this during a meeting with University Teachers this morning. The Prime Minister said that the solutions would be found for the problems faced by the peoples. He said that although the President is the Chairman of the SLFP, he could not implement party policies under the previous government. Therefore, the Prime Minister said that a programme has been prepared according to party policies.

Venerable Dr. Lenagala Siriniwasa Thera of the Buddhist and Pali University requested the Prime Minister to remove unreasonable taxes imposed on the people. M. Abubakar of the Peradeniya University said that Muslim community received many benefits following the end of terrorism by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The Association of National University Teachers handed over a five point set of proposals to the Prime Minister. It was presented by the Chairman of the association, Professor Channa Jayasumana of Rajarata University. He requested to suspend the constitutional process which was to be brought fraudulently and to punish the offenders of the Central Bank incident who were instrumental in destroying the economy of the country. He said that destructions to artifacts should be stopped. He pointed out that the funds received by the non-governmental organizations should be brought under a state mechanism. Professor Jayasumana requested to abolish proposal presented in the human rights council by former Minister Mangala Samaraweera on his own without the approval of the government and the relevant report of the high commissioner.
The government requests the public not to get mislead by baseless false propaganda.

The government has emphasized that it has taken several steps for the country’s political and economic betterment and stability. Therefore it says it is essential for the people to act with understanding and with a national conscious. Various parties and organized groups are spreading falsehoods and misleading propaganda to weaken national unity and understanding. They expect to create unrest in work places by providing false information to create instability in the country. Therefore, the government requests the people not to get mislead by those baseless false propaganda. The Government Information Department has the responsibility to provide official government information for the people. Therefore, Director General of the Government Information says that it will provide verified information to the public.

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