MP W.D.J. Senevirathne says that the government has the majority in Parliament

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MP W.D.J. Senevirathne said that the President enjoys the power of prorogation of Parliament and the government has the majority in Parliament. Taking part in a Subharathi programme over the SLBC this morning Mr. Senevirathne added that the statement made by the Speaker in this regard cannot be accepted. He added that the United National Party has no capacity to find solutions to the issues faced by the people and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has shown its ability in fulfilling peoples’ aspirations.

Mr. Senevirathne also stated that the United National Party can seek an interpretation from the Supreme Court if a constitutional issue prevails. The fact that the UNP is refraining from resorting to such action proves the accuracy of the decision taken by the President. Reunion of the divided party is a victory.

The President and the Prime Minister will jointly make effort to develop the country. Transferring of national resources to foreign sources will be stopped and priority will be given to build a national economy. Mr. Senevirathne adding that the government respects democratic value and it is the responsibility of all to upheld the democratic traditions when Parliament meets on 14th of this month.

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