US Democrats win House of Representatives in a blow to Trump, but what does it mean to Trump?

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The era of unified rule for Donald Trump and the Republicans is over!
The Democrats have clawed their way back to a measure of power in the US federal government.
The House of Representatives, which reliably churned out hard-line immigration legislation, Obamacare repeal and steep cuts to social programmes under Republican rule, will now start offering up progressive priorities.
According to the likely Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, first on the list, is a package of Government Ethics and Election Reform Measures.
Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s only hope of achieving any signature laws is by working across the aisle – which may be a heavy lift for a man who spent the past few months disparaging his political opponents in the starkest of language, at rallies across the country.

Of more immediate concern for the US President, however, is that Democrats now have some teeth behind their efforts to scrutinise his administration.

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