The President has expressed satisfaction towards the rapid development in the North and East

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The special Presidential Task Force appointed for the development in the Northern and Eastern provinces met today for the fourth time under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena. The President has appointed this task force last August to accelerate development move in the North and East.

The task force has expedited its work during the past two months. The President expressed satisfaction over the activities of the task force and thanked the officials for swift implementation of development programmes. The President also focused special attention to implement a proper programme to provide drinking water facilities to the people in the North and the East.

The governors of the two provinces informed the members of the meeting regarding the development problems and public needs to be fulfilled soon in those areas. 90 percent of the lands temporarily acquired by the security forces have already been released to their original owners. Several roads that have been closed down for over three decades have also been opened for the public.

Discussions were held expanding the required facilities for foreign investors to start ventures in the north and east. The President also inquired the officials regarding the progress of reconstruction work at Madu church premises and the Elephant Pass saltern. Opposition leader R. Sampanthan, Minister Douglas Dewananda and several politicians and public officials were also present at this meeting.

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