The Treasury has rejects the article recently published by a former governor of the Central Bank Mr. Ajith Nivad Cabral

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The treasury has rejects the article recently published under the caption of “The government’s growth Scam’ by Mr. Ajith Nivad Cabral, a former governor of the Central Bank. The Treasury says that Mr. Cabral has tried to present a distorted viewpoint of the Central Government Financial Statement.

In that article Mr. Cabral has claimed that there is some discrepancy in the Central Bank statistics on government’s debts. In response to this statement the Treasury says during the 2010 and 2013 excessive loans have been taken by government owned enterprises. But these loans have not been entered in the then government’s financial statements. The former regime has misappropriated a huge sum of forein debts obtained to massive projects such as Coal power plant in Puttlam, Hambanthota port project and Mattala Airport project.

The treasury points out that Mr. Ajith Nivad Cabral was silent on the misdeeds committed during that period. The treasury stresses that the financial statement of the government are now issued in more transparent manner. It is pathetic that Ajith Nivad Cabral is attempting to misguide the people by publishing articles with baseless and fabricated facts.

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