The governing party members oppose the appointments to the parliamentary select committee by the speaker

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The parliament met at 10.30 am today under the chairmanship of Speaker Karu Jayasooriya. Making a statement at the commencement of the sittings the Speaker said an agreement could be reached during the party leaders’ meeting to appoint members to the select committee.

Therefore, he said that 12 members were appointed to the select committee according to the powers vested in him. The Speaker has named five members from the United National Front, five members from the United People’s Freedom Alliance, one member from the Tamil National Alliance and one member from the JVP. Expressing his views.

Leader of the House Dinesh Gunawardena said that according to the constitution and the parliamentary tradition, the government should get the majority of the select committee. Therefore, minister Gunawardena said they would not accept the Speaker’s decision. Minister Gunawardena accused that the Speaker and the secretary general of parliament were violating the constitution and standing orders.

A vote was taken in parliament in connection with the members appointed by the Speaker to the select committee. 121 votes were received for the decision of the Speaker. Tamil National Alliance and the JVP voted for the decision. Government party members were not in the Chamber at the time of the vote.

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