The Prime Minister says that holding a general election is the only way to bring stability

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Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa stresses that holding a general election is the only way of bringing stability to an instable democracy. In a special statement, he notes that voting rights enforces the supremacy of the people. Prime Minister Rajapaksa highlights that Sri Lanka’s constitution gives supremacy to the people, and not to the Parliament.

He goes onto say that no head of state will dissolve Parliament without a reason of national magnitude. According to the Premier, Sri Lanka could learn a lesson in that regard from a democracy like France. He says it is unfortunate that Sri Lanka is the only country having political parties that are opposed to holding a general election that has already been announced.

He refutes the UNP claim that there are no constitutional provisions to dissolve Parliament, and adds that any such restrictions, if present, are against Parliamentary traditions.

Prime Minister Rajapaksa points out that the head of state has the option of dissolving Parliament if he feels that the public opinion is different from the opinion of Parliament. He adds that such instances could be taken from world democracies as examples.

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