The Chinese Football Association imposes a salary cap of 10-million-yuan-a-year for domestic players

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The Chinese Football Association has imposed a salary cap of 10-million- yuan-a-year for domestic players, and vowed to kick teams out, for so-called ‘yin-yang contracts’.

The so-called ‘yin-yang contracts’ are a common but illegal practices, to avoid paying taxes.

Foreign players are not affected by the salary cap, which will be in place for the new Chinese Super League season, when it starts in the spring.

Among a raft of other measures, teams must submit contracts for their players and coaches by the end of the year, as part of a crackdown on ‘yin-yang contracts’.

If the Chinese Football Association uncovers any tax-avoidance schemes, the offending player or coach could face a ban of between one and three years, while their clubs can be deducted points or even kicked out the league.

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