The Syrian Democratic Forces say, Donald Trump’s surprise decision to withdraw US troops, will allow the Islamic State to recover.

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A US-backed alliance in Syria says, US President Donald Trump’s surprise decision to withdraw US troops will allow the Islamic State Group to recover.
A statement from the Syrian Democratic Forces warned of a military vacuum. Mr Trump made the announcement today to withdraw US troops, saying the Islamic State had been defeated.

However, major allies have disputed the claim. France is set to keep its troops in northern Syria for now, because Islamic State militants have not been wiped out and continue to pose a threat to French interests. France is a leading member of the US-led coalition that is fighting militants in Syria & Iraq, and has around 1,000 troops, deployed alongside local Kurdish and Arab forces.

Trump’s decision upends US policy in the Middle East. The result will empower Russia and Iran and leave unfinished, the goal of erasing the risk that the Islamic State could rebuild.

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