The University Grants Commission says, enrolments to state universities will be expedited, based upon the A-Level Examination Results released today

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The University Grants Commission says, enrolments to state universities will be expedited based on the A-Level Examination Results released today. The handbook in this regard has already been printed, and will be available within the next few days.
Chairman of the University Grants Commission: Professor Mohan Silva says, students should carefully read through the handbook, and apply for the most number of streams they are eligible to apply for.
He notes, certain students tend to apply for just two or three courses. When this happens, they lose the opportunity of being selected to other courses for which they are eligible to apply. He points out, students need to include their preferred courses at the application stage, as it is not possible to make allocations later.


Commissioner General of Examinations: B. Sanath Poojitha says, when compared with previous years, this year, a significant rise in students who have excelled in the Biology, Bio System Technology, Physical Science, and Engineering streams, can be noted. He also points out, 64.68 percent are eligible to apply for university entrance.

Students in outstation areas have excelled in the Commerce, Arts, and Technology streams, while in urban areas students have excelled in the Science stream.

The results of 119 students who went through a special evaluation have been withheld.

The closing date to apply for re-correction is the 16th of January 2019. The application form for this purpose will be published in all government newspapers, tomorrow. It can also be downloaded from the website of the Department of Examinations.

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