The issuance of E-Health Cards, to commence next month.

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Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine: Dr. Rajitha Senarathne says, the issuance of E-Health Cards will commence next month. The project will be launched from the Kalutara General Hospital and the Bandaragama District Hospital.

Dr. Senarathne says, the objective is to provide E-Health Cards for the entire population, within 6 months.

The introduction of the E-Health Card took place at the 71st anniversary of the World Health Organization, last April. The E-Health Cards includes a report of the overall health condition of a patient. Thereby, it enables the patient to obtain treatment without delays, from any medical practitioner in any part of the island.

Meanwhile, the project to network all hospitals island-wide is progressing successfully. It was launched in 2015, from the Horana Base Hospital. Currently, around 500 hospitals have been networked.

Dr. Senarathne says, his objective is to provide the citizens with an efficient service, with the introduction of modern technology.

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