The Ministry of Health guarantees that milk powder is safe for consumption

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Acting Director on Food Security at the Ministry of Health: Dr. Sapumal Dhanapala says, the Ministry can guarantee that no type of ‘oil’ or ‘germ’ has contaminated any brand of milk powder, imported or placed for sale.
All milk powder is tested before being released.
Dr. Dhanapala says, when milk powder is imported from Australia, New Zealand, the USA or Europe, the exporting countries issue a full guarantee on the safety of the product.
Modern laboratories in those countries conduct tests, while the Sri Lanka Standards Institution also tests imported milk powder.
Dr. Dhanapala further states, various statements voiced by various individuals from time to time to mislead the public have no truth.
Should there be any doubt, Dr. Dhanapala says, anyone can visit a food science laboratory, and have samples tested.
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