The development of provincial hospitals throughout the island, commences

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Speaking to the Subharathee Discussion Programme aired over the SLBC this morning, Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Health: Consultant Dr Upul Gunasekera said, it is disappointing to see the GMOA failing to appreciate the contribution of the Ministry of Health to the Health Sector, under the present government.

Dr Gunasekera noted, the Pharmaceuticals Act, the Ambulance Service, free stents and lenses are some of the valuable services the GMOA chooses to conveniently ignore, as they have a petty political agenda.

The ‘colour coding system’ introduced for sweetened drinks will be introduced for solid and semi-solid food products, from April.
900 ‘Suva Divi’ Centers will be established. Thereby, any individual can have their health and diagnostic information input into their E-Health Card, free of charge.

In addition, the development of 13 provincial hospitals throughout the island, commenced under the patronage of Minister Dr. Rajitha Senarathna, today.

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