The Premier emphasizes, a Constitution detrimental to the country will NEVER be introduced

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says, no matter what accusations are levelled against him by various politicians, he will never introduce a Constitution detrimental to the country, in any way.

The Premier emphasizes, a Constitution or a draft has still not been prepared.

Speaking at a ceremony held in the Balapitiya Town today, the Premier said, the government dedicates itself, to act in a manner that gives pride of place to Buddhism.

A four-storied Adminsitrative Block, constructed at a cost of 74 milliion rupees at the Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat, was vested with the public today. Speaking at the event, the Premier said, the Galle District will be transformed into a new “revenue-earning-district”, through the Tourism Industry.

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