The new circular on Mahapola bursary will be sent to universities

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Director of the Mahapola Trust Fund Prakrama Bandara says the new circular to pay the Mahapola bursary will be sent to the universities today. So far, universities paid 2,450 rupees to the students granted by the government under the Mahapola bursary.

Students were given another 2,550 rupees by the Mahapola Trust Fund. Students have to obtained the funds on two occasions as the money was paid by two instalments. According to the new circular 5,000 rupees will be paid at once by adding both installments together. The Mahapola trust fund will directly credit the money to the accounts of students from next month.

Scholarships amount in March is scheduled to be credited to the accounts on the 10th of April. At present, 60 thousand university students, 6,000 students at technical colleges, and 3,000 students at other educational institutions are getting the Mahapola bursary.

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