The President emphasizes the need to strictly implement the law against those who contribute to the drug trade and the destruction of the environment

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President Maithripala Sirisena emphasizes the need to strictly implement the law, regardless of rank, against those who contribute to the drug trade and the destruction of the environment.

Addressing the Anuradhapura District Special Environment Conference at the Anuradhapura Salgado Grounds this morning, the President said, the environment conservation process has now become a responsibility no one can choose to ignore. He said, latest survey reports reveal, among the countries most prone to natural catastrophes owing to climate change, Sri Lanka is in second place.

Therefore, the President called on everyone to contribute to the mammoth environment conservation programme, launched to protect our environment, which is the sustenance of all living things.

The President said, as an important decision in conserving the environment, in order to prevent the illegal felling of trees, the government recently decided to register all electric saws used for cutting down trees. Thereby, with effect from the 01st of March, it will be mandatory for all individuals in possession of electric saws, to produce them before the Police, and obtain a licence from the Divisional Secretariat.

The President further stated, a gazette notification will be issued, which will enable those who retain electric saws in their possession without a licence, to be brought before the law and penalized.

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