State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development: Dilip Weddarachchi has decided to limit the importation of fish, upon yet another request from the fishing community

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Thereby, when the fish harvest is at its peak from September to December, the import restrictions on fish will be strictly implemented.

Many individuals involved in the fishing industry and many fisher associations had pointed out, the importation of high stocks of fish has resulted in the local fishermen facing many difficulties. At a discussion held last week with the State Minister, it was pointed out, under the pretext of trans-shipment and manufacturing various fish products, stocks of fish are imported and sold in the local market.

The Minister emphasized, by empowering the local fishermen, foreign exchange that drains out of the country on imports can be reduced, and a large sum can be saved within the country. Therefore, the decision to limit fish imports has been taken with the intention of protecting the local fisher folk and the fishing industry.

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