The President says he will signed the sentence imposing death penalty for drug racketeers involved in drug trade while serving the death sentence.

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President Maithripala Sirisena says that in future he will sign the sentence to impose penalty on those who engaged in drug rackets while serving a death sentence given by courts. He said that there are various views about the death sentence in a Buddhist society. However, he said that strict decisions should be taken to control the society if it is moving in a wrong direction.

The President said this at the inauguration ceremony of a school programme against drugs, held at Getambe ground in Kandy today. The Ministry of Education and Presidential Task Force on drug prevention jointly conduct the programme island wide to co-inside with national drug prevention programme aimed at protecting children from drug menace.

The President said that the number of murders and rapes have been reduced during the past three and half years. Pointing out to the report presented to the National Security Council on the killings during the past ten years, the President said that some media reports which published false reports saying that the number of murders and crimes have increased since the present government came to power, are used by some politicians for their narrow political gains. Drugs as well as social media have become a main factor to increase murders and rapes. The President said that government as well as parents should pay their attention to protect the children.

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