The vote on the second reading of the budget will be taken this evening

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Today is the 6th day of the budget debate. Commencing the debate, minister Ravi Karunanayake pointed out that the main challenge at present is to face unlimited demands with limited resources. The government is working with a financial discipline. A system has been introduced to control expenditure and to increase income. The minister said that the tourism industry has been developed and the maximum benefits should be obtained from the industry.

Participating in the debate, opposition leader Mahinda Rajapakse said that although the budget should show the future path of the country, it is not visible in this budget.

He said that the short term government provided many benefits to the farmers including the fertilizer subsidy.
Participating in the debate, minister Rauf Hakeem said that strict attention should be paid on the entire financial management system.

The economy will be strengthened by enterprise Sri Lanka and Gamperaliya programmes. The minister pointed out the water board has not increased water bill charges for six years,

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