The President submits four new proposals to the UN Environmental Assembly

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President Maithripala Sirisena says it is the responsibility of everyone at present to introduce environmental friendly economic trends based on sustainable Global Economic Index to ensure the right to live on a secured environment.

The President said this while making a special address at the fourth session of the UN Environmental Assembly at Nairobi in Kenya.

The President said that as a Buddhist he is bound not only to ensure nurturing of human race but also to ensure their continuation. Sri Lanka has a rich cultural heritage and a sound environment.

The President said that he is prepared to utilize capital for sustainable enterprises related to the nature to increase social and economic development of the country. He said that the fourth session of the UN Environmental Assembly provides a strong foundation in such a background.

Sri Lanka has signed the Paris agreement which was an unprecedented global commitment to fight against climate change.

The President emphasized that Sri Lanka is strongly committed to take actions in connection with climate changes as Sri Lanka has been ranked in the second place of the Global Climate Danger Index 2019.

There is a close connection between environmental damage and poverty. The President pointed out specially developing countries it has become an inseparable connection.

Four proposals was submitted to the fourth session of the UN Environmental Assembly with the co-sponsorship of Sri Lanka. They were submitted under sustainable management of mangroves, management of food waste,

management of ocean waste and micro plastic management and solid waste management. The delegates at the summit appreciated the commitment of President Maithripala Sirisena to protect the environment as a Minister of Environment and as a leader of state.

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