The President says all should take collective efforts to eradicate drug menace

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President Maithripala Sirisena says the illegal drug trade, which has spread like a major menace, could not be controlled only through taking illicit drugs into custody by security forces, raids or taking legal actions alone and the time has come to eliminate this threat through implementing a broad attitude change initiate from family to the entire society.
The President said that marking the approach to this initiative, the whole nation will take the Bak Maha Divuruma (National Pledge to eradicate drug menace) on April 03 to commit themselves to control and eliminate the illegal drug trade.
The President made these remarks addressing a meeting held at the BMICH, yesterday to appraise all the relevant parties, including the public servants regarding the Bak Maha Divuruma (April Pledge) programme. All the Secretaries of Ministries, heads of the statutory boards, Vice Chancellors of universities and representatives of the media organizations and others were present at this event.
The President further stated that, the illegal drug menace is destroying the society in a ruthless manner at present and all should be organized without any delay towards accomplishing duties to stand together to eradicate it on behalf of the future generation.  Even though drugs cannot be completely eradicated from the society, the steps could be taken to prevent it from being spread quickly in the society, the President said. He added that speedy process to rehabilitate drug victims and spiritual and awareness programs could play a major role in accomplishing this task.
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