Casino Entrance Tax to be charged from locals, while cricket betting to be banned.

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Minister of Finance: Mangala Samaraweera says, a 50-US dollar per person Casino Entrance Tax will only be charged from locals and not foreigners, while cricket betting will be banned.

Speaking in Parliament, the Minister said, the objective is to discourage local persons gambling.

The Minister further stated, a gaming regulation process will also be set up, as gaming regulations were a requirement under Money Laundering Laws.

Meanwhile, following a request made by Minister Arjuna Ranatunga, cricket betting will be stopped. It has been noted, the entire sport of cricket has been corrupted because of illegal betting in India. While there is sporadic corruption linked to betting operators in other countries even in other sports like soccer, a vast majority of operators are law abiding and companies operate legally, complying with regulations with long histories of operation.
However, in India, the entire cricket betting sector is an ‘underground industry’ run by a mafia, which has generated corruption not only in India but also outside.

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