The Maldives Democratic Party secures an overwhelming majority at the parliamentary elections

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The Maldives Democratic Party has received an overwhelming majority in the Parliamentary Elections held yesterday.
Preliminary results showed, the party led by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Former President Mohamed Nasheed have won more than 60 seats in the 87-member Parliament.
This is the first time a single party has won the majority, since multi-party democracy was established in 2008. Among the prominent winners are: Former President Mohamed Nasheed and Jumhooree Party Leader: Qasim Ibrahim.

The opposition coalition led by Former President Abdulla Yameen has won only five seats, with several of their prominent candidates and former ministers losing the elections.

During the campaign, leaders of the Maldives Democratic Party had urged voters for a parliamentary majority, in order to fulfil the government’s pledges. After the new government under President Solih came to power last November, some crucial government bills had been at a standstill in Parliament, due to lack of support. These included the bill to empower the Presidential Commissions of Enquiry tasked with investigating major cases of corruption, murders and disappearances

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