Public is requested to inform police or security forces on any information over suspected vehicles

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The government has requested the public to give their full support to the police and three armed forces to eliminate terrorism, while protecting peace under the prevailing situation in the country.

The government has taken steps to prevent such attacks in future. The police and three armed forces have been given extensive powers to take measures to eliminate terrorism. All communities should act patiently and wisely in the face of unfortunate incidents in the country.

The government has requested the public not to act against any community or religion. The Maha Nayakas of three chapters, Arch Bishop His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and Muslim Religious leaders have also made similar requests.

The global community including the US, UK, France and India had condemned the terrorist action and expressed their condolences to the Sri Lankan people who became victims of the attacks. Those countries have come forward to support Sri Lanka to eliminate terrorism.

People are requested not to join any activities that would violate peace. Issuing statement Government Information Director General Nalaka Kaluwewa has requested not to engage in such activities by being deceived by traps and strategies of terrorist groups.

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