Prime Minister Ranil Wickremaisnghe said action will be taken to eliminate terrorism with the support of the international community

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Making a special statement in parliament yesterday Speaker Karu Jayasooriya said that, the barbaric attack on 8 places including 3 religious places on Easter Sunday is the brutal crime against humanity which cannot be approved by anyone decent in the world.

He emphasized that maximum and strict steps should be taken to eliminate such cruel forces from the motherland as a united nation. The speaker said that this incident should not be analyzed from racial or religious angles and it should be faced with understanding while protecting peace.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremaisnghe said action will be taken to eliminate terrorism with the support of the international community. He pointed out that the attacks in Sri Lanka can also be considered as a part of global terrorism. Terrorism based on religion has come forward more than the terrorism based on racism. The Prime Minister said that the attack was a result of a long term plan.

The armed forces have been given police powers to arrest those who are connected to terrorism. A small group who has been misled has committed this act. The Muslim community is against this action. The Prime Minister said that the government has the ability to face this challenge.

Opposition leader Mahinda Rajapakse said in parliament that the support will be given to the government to ensure national security and to eliminate terrorism. He requested not to point a finger at a particular race or religion with regard to this incident. He said that the government should take responsibility for the unfortunate incident.

Expressing his views in parliament state Defence minister Ruwan Wijewardhana said that the attack has been identified as a response to the attack in New Zealand recently. An investigation will be conducted in this regard.

321 lives have been lost in the attacks and another 500 have been injured. 375 are undergoing treatment at hospitals. 38 foreign nationals have died and 19 of them have been injured. He said that the Prime Minister or he was not informed about intelligence reports about the attacks.

The parliament met at 1 pm yesterday under the patronage of Speaker Karu Jayasooriya. 2 minutes of silence was observed in memory of those who died in attacks on a request from the Prime Minister. Thereafter the Speaker tabled the gazette on provisions related to the emergency law

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