Plans have been made to establish 12 regional offices affiliated to the OMP

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The Chairman of the office of missing persons, presidential counselor Saliya Peiris says that 12 regional offices will be established affiliated to the office. Plans have been made to establish 5 offices in the northern province and 3 offices in the eastern province. The aim of this move is to link with the people to solve their problems. He pointed out that it will help to eradicate misunderstand of some people on establishing these offices. These offices will be established for the safety from all forceful disappearances. If any disappearances will occur in future, these offices will have the capability to look into for such incidents.

A meeting organized by the Office of the Missing Persons was conducted at Weerasingham Hall in Jaffna. Families of missing persons from the divisional secretariats divisions of Kytes, Nalloor, Karainagara and Jaffna had come for the meeting

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