A Cabinet Sub-Committee will be appointed to take measures to restore and develop tourism industry.

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President Maithripala Sirisena says that the government will act with responsibility to strengthen the local tourism industry and other business sectors. A Cabinet Sub-Committee will be appointed to look into the future cause of action to be taken for the development of the tourism industry. The committee will be appointed at the cabinet meeting tomorrow. Discussions will be held at the cabinet meeting tomorrow including providing of financial facilities to develop the tourism industry. The president said this during a meeting at the presidential secretariat today with the businessmen in the tourism industry and the other business sectors.

The President emphasized that the terrorism could be defeated. He said that the ability to defeat terrorism is prevailing and it would be achieved. The raids to eliminate terrorism are being conducted successfully at present. The president said that he has full confidence in the local security forces and the operations against terrorism will continue. Therefore, no one should entertain unnecessary fears. The government is prepared to provide security to any business establishment. The president said that the government will provide facilities for the business sector to restore their business activities. The President requested even to make requests personally to him. The President said that he would meet the business community once in two weeks until the present situation is improved.

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