The Commander of the Army says, information has surfaced that the Easter Sunday suicide bombers had received training at Kashmir and Kerala

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Army Commander: Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake says, some of the suicide bombers who carried out the country’s worst terror attacks on Easter Sunday had visited Kashmir and Kerala for “some sorts of training”, or to make “some more links” with other foreign outfits.
In an interview with the BBC last week, Lieutenant General Senanayake disclosed certain details on the movement of the suspects in the region, and also international links. He said, information is available that the terrorists visited Kashmir and Bangalore when they travelled to the Kerala State.

On the possible involvement of a foreign group, the Army chief said, by looking at the pattern of the operation and the places where the suspects had visited, there had to be some outside involvement of some leadership.

Asked why Sri Lanka was targeted, Lieutenant General Senanayake said, there was too much of freedom, and too much of peace for the past 10 years, as people had forgotten what happened for 30 years during the war; people were enjoying peace, and they neglected security

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