The president said that the persons involved in the incident will be arrested in next few days

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President Maithripala Sirisena said in parliament yesterday that the reorganizational activities of the security sector have been done. All measures have been taken to prevent incidents that occurred during the past 10 days in future.

The president said that the governors were instructed on the measures to be taken for the security of schools and public places. The cabinet was called in to the security council meeting.

A structural change was affected in the security council and it now operates as a broad structure. The president said that the country is at a satisfactory stage in relation to the security.

Security forces have conducted successful operations. 12 frontline terrorists have been arrested. Assets of those who are linked to terrorist incidents have been freezed . The president said that there is no headquarters of the association in the country.

The president said that intelligence experts of 8 countries arrived in the country and met him. He said that a group of about 150 Muslims are involve dint he incident. All powers have been given security and intelligence authorities.

The president said 99 per cent of the persons involved in the incident have been arrested. He said that the rest will be arrested in next few days. The president pointed out that there should be a country to govern.

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