The Prime Minister says counter terrorism Bill will be introduced to defeat global terrorism

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says steps have been taken to introduce the anti- terrorism Act as the local laws to defeat global terrorism are not sufficient. Replying to a question raised in parliament today, by JVP parliamentarian Anura Kumara Dissanayake he said that the draft bill will not violate fundamental rights. Amendments can be added, if needed. It will not provide concessions to terrorists. The Prime Minister requested all parties in parliament to join to strengthen present laws leaving out narrow political differences.

The prime minister said that the country needs a geometric information system. Replying to a question raised by MP Prof.Arshu Marasinghe the Prime Minsiter said that an integrated information system will be set up and it would be introduced for all institutions.

Expressing his views in parliament State minister Eran Wickremarathne said that, the government has taken measures to re-develop the tourism industry. A concessionary term has been given to repay loans. The businessmen have been provided with loan facilities. He further said that, value added tax will be reduced to 5% from from 15% for the tourism sector.

MP Nimal Siripala de Silva said that, it is essential to introduce laws to prevent publishing of false statements in the country. The government should take necessary steps in this regard. Extremism can be defeated y strengthening the security system. He said that the Muslim community should come forward to defeat extremism based on religion.

Parliamentarian Charles NIrmalanathan said that. The Global Terrorism has arrived in the country and the government should take steps to protect the country and the people.

Taking part in the debate minister Kabeer Hashim said that he would fully commit himself to prevent terrorism. Support of everyone is needed for the national security. The minister said that national security can be ensured by building national unity.
Parliamentarian Dr.Nalinda Jayatissa said that the society is entrusted with more responsibilities to defeat extremism.
Minsiter Vajira Abeywardhana said that immigration and Emigration regulations should be strengthened to face challenges and global terrorism. He pointed out the need to pass the anti terrorism act for the security of the country.

Parliamentarian Douglas Devananda said that terrorism should be defeated without creating divisions among communities or hatred.

Taking part in the debate MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said that the government should honestly work to get the support of the opposition. A country without fear or suspicion should be created. Commitment of all stakeholders is essential for that. Intelligence Units have not collapsed. The Intelligence Units should be further strengthened with modern technology. He point out that action should not be taken based on political aims at this moment.
A special investigation will be conducted into the incident of bailing out nine suspects linked to bomb attacks.
Police say that a special investigation has been launched in connection with granting bail to nine suspects who were remanded for launching bomb attacks on Easter Sunday. The special investigation unit of the police headquarters is conducting the investigations. Accusaztions have been leveled stating the suspects were able to get bail due to the faults of the police officers of the Welampitiya police station.

Meanwhile, the two parties connected to the recent incident in Negombo have agreed to settle the matter. The religious leaders of the two parties have informed the police in this regard. Police media spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said that they would give their support to the move.

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