It is stressed that media should not spread news that lead to communal hatred

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6 orders under the Special Trade Commodity Ordinance, an order under the Foreign Exchange Act a proposal under the Custom Ordinance were passed in parliament today. Joining the relevant debate Minister Rauf Hekem said that all communities should work together at this juncture. All political parties are also responsible to restore normalcy in the country. One of the aims of the extremists is to break down the national economy.

Parliamentarian Sumedha G Jayasena said that media should not spread news that lead to communal hatred. She commended the intelligence units for their immeasurable service to maintain law and order.

Parliamentarian Mujiber Rahumans said that the terrorist attack has led to severe setback to the Muslim Community. Parliament should act wisely to strengthen security in the country.

Minister Vajira Abeywardena said some parties are trying to gain political mileage through this pathetic situation. Minister Thalatha Athukorala said that a single education system which is monitored by the government should be setup in the country.

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