“Hadavath Yaa Kerena Ran Maawath”, launched in Rathnapura

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The inauguration ceremony of the programme titled: “Hadavath Yaa Kerena Ran Maawath” – “The Streets of Gold, Linking Hearts”, launched upon a concept of Minister Kabeer Hashim, took place at Rathnapura this morning.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe presided over the ceremony. Speaking at the event, the Premier said, terrorism will not be given room to sabotage the country’s economy and development.

No development projects have been halted, in the face of the terrorist attacks. The development process will be taken forward, together with the private sector. Errors will be rectified, in the forward march.

Meanwhile, the new road development programme launched today at the cost of over 17 billion rupees, will see the reconstruction of rural roads spanning 1,970 kilometres, and 200 bridges.

The objective is to bring to completion the “Hadavath Yaa Kerena Ran Maawath” initiative, by August this year.

Speaking at the event, Minister Kabeer Hashim said, 80 million rupees has been allocated per electorate, while 2.9 billion rupees of the allocation is for the development of roadways in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. This new road development initiative will proceed parallel to the present large scale road development projects underway.

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