Polonnaruwa town has been declared as a smart city

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Polonnaruwa town was declared as a smart town by the President today. The 5G communication tower set up in the Deepa Uyana in Polonnaruwa was also launched by the President.

Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel have spent 2,500 million rupees for this project. Sri Lanka Telecom office was also opened for the public. The President granted internet connection to 110 schools in the district.

In addition the President vested the new trade complex in Polonnaruwa town with the public.

President Maithripala Sirisena stresses the fact that modern technology should only be used to well-being of the people. It should not be utilized for the disruption of the society.

The cutting-edge technology should be handled with care to build up a world of intellectuals. Technology should always be intermingled with humanitarian sentiments.

The President made these remarks at a ceremony held in Polonnaruwa today to declare open a number of development programmes implemented in the district.

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