The President instructs the governors to establish law and order at provincial level

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President Maithripala Sirisena instructs the governors for special program at provincial level to restore peaceful environment. Even though the provincial councils are adjourned the former provincial councils are being recalled with the participation of the chief ministers and the governors as instructed by the President to constantly analyze the security program of their provinces.

Meanwhile calling the district committees properly in district and regional level in order to continue a safe and secure peaceful environment, joining hands with the security units in order to accomplish peace and normalcy, the President instructed all district and regional secretaries.

President Maithripala Sirisena gave these instructions on 12th May at the security committee meeting held in Galle district secretary office.

In order to maintain a peaceful environment in the country the President expressed the need of a special program under the provincial level.

The President expressed the importance of aligning the Police, Tri Forces and the political authority as well as the religious leaders over the issue.

Thus the President expressed the importance of having a long term plan in order to ensure the peace and cooperation between ethnic groups. The decisions, orders and regulations taken in these security committee meetings in order to prevent the conflicts arising at regional level are of greater importance, said the President.

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