Issuing a message to mark Vesak Full Moon Poya Day, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said,

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“The Vesak Full Moon appears in the sky, as the dark clouds of terror cast a shadow over our nation. There is a sense of anxiety and grief throughout society. In such troubling times, the sublime teachings of The Buddha show us the way to unite spiritually, and find common purpose in our humanity.

I am grateful to the public for their patience and understanding. This has enabled us to maintain National Security, Law and Order, in these challenging times. May the Full Moon of Vesak replace malice with virtue, hatred with love, injustice with righteousness, and falsehood with truth.

United Nations Secretary General: António Guterres, in a message to mark Vesak Full Moon Poya Day says, in a time of growing intolerance and inequality, the Buddha’s message of non-violence and service to others is more relevant than ever. The Secretary General calls on the world, on this day of Vesak, to renew its commitment to build a world of peace and dignity for all.

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