The President’s Media Division says that no one informed the President earlier about the Easter Sunday attacks

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The Presidents Media Unit has issues a statement in connection with the announcement made by the head of the National Intelligence Bureau while giving evidence at the Parliamentary Select Committee Appointed to look into the Easter Sunday attacks stating that the national security council did not meet after last February.

The statement says that the National Security Committee which is structurally different from the National Security Council was set up as what was discussed at the National Security Council was being published in media for more than one year. The National Security Committee has met once in two weeks.

On certain occasions, the President has summoned the meetings once a week. The President called for a meeting of senior police officers including the IGP on the 08th of April. The statement issued by the Presidents Media Unit says that none of the officials informed the President about a terrorist plan during the discussion which took place for more than two hours.

The President has not been briefed by the Defence Secretary, The IGP or any other official about any information given by a friendly country on the April 21st attack. Therefore the statement says that President Maithripala Sirisena informs that the local and foreign media reports which states that the President was informed about the incident, are totally false.

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