The Muslim Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers representing the government tendered their resignation

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Minister Rauff Hakeem says that all Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers in the government representing the Muslim community has resigned. He said this during an ongoing discussion at the Temple Trees to support investigations in to the allegations leveled by various elements in connection with the Easter Sunday attacks and to restore peace and reconciliation.

He said that these investigations should be conducted by the CID. He further said that the Muslim community will give their maximum support to ensure national security.

Meanwhile, the resigned Muslim Ministers says that they will stay as back benches in Parliament and give their fullest support to strengthen the government. Minister Kabir Hasheem said that they resigned from the ministerial portfolios in order to leave room for the relevant parties to conduct the investigations against them.

He also requested the government to conduct the relevant investigations in impartial manner. Ministers Rishard Badeudeen, Rauff Hakeem, Kabir Hasheem and A.H.M. Haleem are the resigned Cabinet Ministers. Another five State and Deputy Minister have also resigned.

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