Minister Malik Samarawickrama attends WEF’s IGWEL programme in China

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Development Strategies and International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrama attended the World Economic Forum’s Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders programme, which provides a unique and safe setting for political and economic leaders to address the issues of concern.

Organised by the WEF, participation to this meeting held in Dalian, China, at the Annual Meeting of New Champions, is by invitation only and at the highest level.

The IGWELs are the WEF’s highest-level platform and each participant is carefully selected according to his or her relevance to the topic, decision-making ability or influence and expertise. The quality of the previous contributions on the topic is also taken into consideration.

Each IGWEL brings together an exclusive group of 25-45 heads of state and government, senior ministers, heads of regional and international organisations, industry leaders and renowned academics.

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