The President says terrorist organizations linked to the Easter Sunday attacks have been destroyed

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President Maithripala Sirisena says that financial discipline and management of up country becomes better on the nature of persons holding those responsibilities and powers irrespective of the law and constitution. Politicians and state officials who commit frauds and corruption can use the law according to their needs. He pointed out that what is more important is to make their images suitable for their portfolios. The President said this while attending the Evaluation Ceremony of the Public Accounts Committee at the B.M.I.C.H. in Colombo. One of the main weaknesses in eliminating frauds and corruption in the public service is the long delays of conducting disciplinary inquiries related to public servants. The President said that as a result they escape from the law. He said that he had to set up commissions on several occasions due to frauds, corruption and mal-practices in all the sectors due to the programmes to eliminate frauds and corruption during the past few years, they were controlled to some extent.

There are several institutions in the country where serious frauds and corruption are taking place but no one speaks about those. The President said that a streamlined process should be implemented about the institutions which are recognized and other organizations which are not recognized.

Speaking on the occasion Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said that for the first time in the history all institutions of the state mechanism were supervised by the Parliament.

Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee M. P. Lasantha Alagiyawanna said that the responsibility of financial control is with Parliament as that taxes are collected by laws made by the Parliament.

Awards were presented to 109 public institutions at the ceremony. Gold awards were handed over to 63 institutions who had maintained and excellent financial management.

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