Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe notes, the Parliament has accepted that all steps taken to counter the Easter Sunday incidents were executed upon proper procedure

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says, as immediate steps were taken to contain the situation after the Easter Sunday attacks, it was possible to arrest all those connected with the incidents, within a short period of time.

Steps were also taken to grant compensation to those affected, and to reconstruct damaged property.

The Premier noted, Parliament has accepted that all these steps were taken upon proper procedure.
This is further evident by the defeat of the No-Confidence Motion tabled against the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers.
The allegations included there-in, were proved baseless.

When countering the Islamic State terror threat, first, operations were conducted to detect the hide-outs of the terrorists.
That was successful.
Thereafter, a Parliamentary Select Committee was appointed to inquire into as to how intelligence information – received prior – was not communicated. Although various individuals voice various comments on the Parliamentary Select Committee, the legality of it has been acknowledged by the Courts.
The Premier stated, he himself will testify before the Committee.

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