The Rangiri Dambulu Cave Temple, removed from the List of World Heritages in Danger

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Commissioner General of Archaeology: Professor P. B. Mandawala says, the Rangiri Dambulu Cave Temple will be removed from the List of World Heritages in Danger.

Speaking to the SLBC, Professor Mandawala said, at the 43rd World Heritage Committee Meeting held at Azerbaijan, the points put forward by his team were unanimously accepted by the representatives of the 42 countries in attendance.

He also stated, in the World Heritages List, the Viharaya is referred to as the ‘Golden Temple of Dambulla’; however, it should be identified by its correct name, which is ‘Rangiri Dambulu Len Viharaya”.
A committee appointed by Minister of Cultural Affairs Sajith Premadasa with regard to the name-change, compiled a report, which was presented to the World Heritage Committee.
The Committee consented to the name-change.

Professor Mandawala further stated, representatives of the World Heritage Committee are scheduled to visit the island this December, and their contribution is expected in the reconstruction work and development of the Rangiri Dambulu Len Viharaya.

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